Cinephile: a lover of cinema, film theory and film criticism.

Cinefille: a girl who loves cinema, film theory, film criticism and subverting stereotypes.

Ebert. Roeper. Travers. Shalit. Scott. Maltin. In the modern movie world, the mature, male critic is king.

Well-known female film writers, while not non-existent, can be harder to find than a VHS these days. They're either long-gone (see: the late great Pauline Kael) or sadly under-publicized, sharing duties with another writer, usually a man.

Cinefilles is an attempt to give young, aspiring female film critics a chance to express themselves, free from dated ideals and expectations. We are not here to blast Bella and Edward or read Kate Hudson the riot grrl act. We are also not trying to ironically celebrate low-brow action, gore whore-age and bromantic comedies. We're here to do both. Or neither. It's all up to us.