Cinefilles take on summer '10

Photo: Thomas Hawk

Farewell toasty tans, goodbye patio nights - our sweet and sultry summer is almost at its end. But no worries. To help ease the tremendous pain of our most frivolous season gone by, Cinefilles is sending the summer off with our end-of-summer themed week.

In place of our Monday and Friday regulars, we'll sum up the last few months with our "Top 5 of Summer '10", sharing with you the films that really rocked our flip-flops. We're also rejigging our weekly "Don't You Forget About" to feature our top summer-themed films of all time so you can get your last fix of hot, golden sunshine with some rentals before the days get shorter.

Get ready for your last week to grab a snow cone and hit the flicks!

The Filles

P.S. - Feel free to chime in and comment with your faves too!

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