Terribly not-so Awesome: We're on a break!

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(We'll get to this Wayne Newton-centric gem soon, we promise.)

We know you're confused right now. Hell, you're probably stark, raving mad even. And we know why. We haven't put up this week's Terribly Awesome (Gasp!). And we're really sorry, our limited, but loyal readers. Well, not as sorry as we will be in a minute...

To be Frank (not Garth - 500 bonus points if you get that reference), we won't be putting up any more posts this week. Like the klutzy-yet-sorta-lovable heroine and her nerdy-cute boyfriend in the pre-Vanessa Carlton reunion montages of every modern chick flick, we have decided to take a little break from our hopeless devotion to posting. It's sort of personal (contrary to what our daily posts might suggest, we've got a lot on the go outside the blog world), but more so promotional.

We're on the look out for new Filles, so we can bring you even more reviews and columns every week. And we want the new girls to be ridiculously cool and awesome, so it's gonna take a bit of time and focus. But hang in there with us and we promise, things will be back to normal come next Monday!

The Filles

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