DVD: Why Did I Get Married Too?

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Why Did I Get Married Too? Better question: why did I watch the sequel too? The first one was not funny either. Of course, there's always something a little addicting about continuing, absurdly unrealistic dramas (anymore Degrassi fans out there?) but this film was just a snoozer. In fact, I'd like to spoil it for you so you don't feel like you have to watch it but that's just cruel.

The sequel to Why Did I Get Married? reunites the original cast with a redundant set of marital issues and bickering. The four couples are on their annual marriage retreat when their marriages begin to fall apart. It was predictable the first time. Now it's just stale. Who really cares how the rest of the plot unraveled? Even the one unexpected outcome seemed kind of anticipated.

Malik Yoba as Gavin aside, acting was, well, hardly even acting. Films are supposed to convince you that these people are real, but in this film, it felt like a test run where actors had just barely memorized their lines or were even very discretely reading from a hidden teleprompter. However, Yoba delivers the one commendable performance. For example, his scene where his character loses it in a fit of anger with his wife and lashes out. Again, a cliche scene, but propped up by a solid actor who we can only hope to expect more from.

Seriousness aside, this film is also intended to make you laugh. I mean, it's written and directed by, as well as starring, Madea-master Tyler Perry. However, humour seems way too scripted, especially scenes of "guy talk." It's all too obvious that Perry is trying to be the nice guy by steering free of truly gritty jokes that could have been hilarious by heartily chuckling at light make-up sex jokes at most. Meanwhile, all women are tame and serious except for Angela (Tasha Smith) who just drunkenly yells at her husband the entire film. It was old before it even began.

If you're looking for exaggerated, unfunny, over-scripted drama, then this is it. But if you're looking for something soap opera-esque that's just charming enough to keep you hooked, then hurry up, they're re-running Degrassi's latest season on TV right now. D-

EXTRAS: "Making-of" featurettes, a music video.

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