Freaky Fortnight!: Halloween: Resurrection

Photo: amazon.ca


THE GIST: A bunch of college students decide to spend the night in the old Meyers house on Halloween for a live internet reality show. Smart, right? That night, Michael decides to return home. Really, that's all you need to know. Unfortunately, only the first 15 minutes actually lead off of the Halloween story. But on Halloween night, all you really need is some gore and gasps.

TRICK OR TREAT?: Trick. Michael goes serial and anyone is a potential victim. Let the games begin!

WHY IT GETS US IN THE SPIRIT: There's no better series to get you in the spirit for Halloween, and as the last installment in the original line-up, it's by far the most cringe-worthy and heart-racing.

BEST COSTUME: As we've already awarded Michael once, the clown mask easily comes in second. Seriously creepy in his own right, especially if you're afraid of insane clowns.

SUGGESTED SWEET: Pop Rocks. Because who doesn't love a jolt, even if it's expected.

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