Freaky Fortnight!: Halloween

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THE GIST: Fifteen Halloweens ago, a seven-year-old named Michael Myers slaughtered his sister while wearing a clown costume. After the police found him bloody and blankly holding a butcher knife, Michael was sent to a mental institution, where he would stay until Halloween day 1978. Still hungry for homicide, Michael buys a Halloween mask and stalks a teenage babysitter named Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her friends. Oh, and you know, occasionally murders them.

TRICK OR TREAT?: Trick. Unless you're dead inside. We've seen a lot of horror movies, and this one, deemed the first slasher movie, still manages to creep the hell out of us. It's all in Michael's slow-moving, silent mannerisms. He isn't some sort of pun-loving burn victim, or voice-box using Edvard Munch fan. He's just a straight-up screwed up-dude whose first priority is stabbing you. Repeatedly. Oh, and slowly tilting his head in the creepiest way possible.

WHY IT GETS US IN THE SPIRIT: The title says it all. This is the ultimate in All Hallow's Eve cinema.

SCENE TO DIE FOR: The closet attack scene. Even if you're not claustrophobic, this terrifying moment is sure to make you scramble for a face blanket.

BEST COSTUME: Michael's infamous white mask, which is effortlessly eerie. Apparently it's spray-pained William Shatner mask, which makes it even more frightening - and awesome.

SUGGESTED SWEET: Dark chocolate cherries. Cue the blood-like syrup.

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