Freaky Fortnight!: Idle Hands

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THE GIST: Ever hear the expression, idle hands do the devil's work? Well, apparently, Anton Tobias (Devon Sawa) never did. When the lazy, greaseball of a stoner's usually lifeless right hand goes on a mini-murder spree, killing his parents, his two bong-obssesed BFFs (Seth Green and Elden Henson) and a couple other kids in town, he's sure he's just on an wicked nutmeg/oregano trip. But as his now-zombiefied buddies and one badass demon fighter (Vivica A. Fox) help him find out, his hand is the spawn of you-know-who - and is out to drag his outrageously horny new honey (Jessica Alba) to hell.

TRICK OR TREAT?: Total trick. This is a movie, ahem, handmade for those who dig the delivilish side of occult occasion. It's all about sex, drugs and righteous kills.

WHY IT GETS US IN THE SPIRIT: By ignoring the Halloween standards - there are no trick or treaters or candy in sight (although, there are some pretty gnarly zombies and packaged burritos) - Idle Hands reminds us that October 31st isn't just for kids. And that Devon Sawa makes every Devil's Night dance seem like a scream.

SCENE TO DIE FOR: When Anton first discovers his hand is out to get him and everyone else in his small-town. The two have a fight that rivals - but never quite matches - Ash's legendary bout with man-to-hand combat in Evil Dead 2, including awesome over-the-couch slapstick, a handful (it's just too easy) of bad visual puns and the most epic battle for remote control ever.

BEST COSTUME: Horny, undead teenage boys might argue that the title belongs to Jessica Alba and her slowly disintegrating angel costume. But I say it's Offspring lead singer, Dexter Holland, who does an impecable job of imitating "Band Lead Singer."

SUGGESTED SWEET: Gummy hands, obviously. If you can muster the stomach strength to eat them.

Think Freaky Fortnight is taking the weekend off? Think again. The festival of Halloween-themed treats continues tomorrow and Sunday at noon!

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