The Filles Take TIFF!: Day 10

A daily documentation what's we've seen, want to see and aren't even trying to see at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival.


We're seeing:
  • KILL LIST - A contract killer Jay takes on a job from some shady employers. As the situation gets riskier, Jay's paranoia builds. (11:59 p.m, Ryerson Theatre)
We wish we were seeing:
  • COMIC-CON: EPISODE IV, A FAN'S HOPE  - This doc, done but not starring (thank God) the infamous Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold), talks about fandom at the San Diego Comic-Con, featuring interviews with regular old mega fans and the famous people whose nerdiness translated into careers. Features interviews with Stan Lee and JOSS WHEDON. (3:30 p.m., AMC 9)
Also playing...

  • PAGE EIGHT - An MI5 agent has his abilities and integrity tested when he starts handling a document detailing the British government's dirty secrets. (6 p.m., Visa Screening Room; 8 p.m., Roy Thomson Hall)

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