Forgotten Frights, Oct. 23: Carriers


CARRIERS (2009) 

Section of Cinematic Cemetary: Infection disease wipes out humanity but somehow our heroes think they can out run it. 

Cause of Premature Death: This is entirely speculative, but I’m going to say this film didn’t make a splash because there were no zombies. I mean really, nowadays what worldwide, humanity-destroying disease DOESN’T turn you into a zombie!? Where’s the fun in that? 

What its tombstone would read: They didn’t follow the rules. 

Why it should be revived: Okay, it might not be your traditional horror flick, but despite the lack of walking dead, this film is pretty intense. It follows two brothers and their girlfriends as they travel across the States trying to outlive the disease and shows us just what kind of human being you have to be (or become) to survive. It’s dark, sad and at times, pretty freaky. Oh, and it stars my favourite Thumbsucker, Lou Taylor Pucci, as the brainy protagonist. If you’re not a Pucci fan, Chris Pine delivers some laughs as the “dipshit”, macho older brother.

By Regan Reid
Films I love: The Godfather Part 2, In Bruges, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Hunger, Drive, the Arrested Development movie (not filmed yet, but I'll definitely love it)

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