Forgotten Frights, Oct. 30: Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed


Section of the cinematic cemetery: Somewhere between Girl, Interrupted and An American Werewolf in London.

Cause of (premature) death: The Ginger Snaps sequel and prequel were basically commissioned by distribution company Lionsgate. Since this film was intended for the already-converted, it’s known mostly by devotees of the original.

What its tombstone would read: An institutionalized and broken-hearted werewolf fights off the advances of hospital staff, a creature of the night, and her own beastly infection.

Why it should be revived: In the (admittedly thin) vein of feminist-minded horror, the Ginger Snaps series is a standout. This film delves deeper into the now-infected Brigitte’s psychology, whose character has transitioned from death-obsessed teen goth to a young woman fighting for her life. Where the first film investigated “the curse” of puberty, this one delves into the nature of predators—both beast and human. This movie also has one of the most interesting characters I’ve seen on screen in while: A friend to Brigitte, Ghost, is a precocious 13-year old whose twisted Anne Shirley-like character is a treat to watch.

By Lindsay Ulrich
Favourite (non-existent) section of the video store: 80s high school drama meets cyberpunk film noir

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