Forgotten Frights, Oct. 7: Wrong Turn

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WRONG TURN (2003) 

Section of the cinematic cemetery: Road trip “wrong turn” into cannibalistic rampage 

Cause of (premature) death: Critics deemed it a poor rip-off and re-hash of what had already been done in the slasher genre for years. Plus, on first impression, it can also come across like an unofficial, minimally re-worked The Hills Have Eyes update. 

What its tombstone would read: A carload of friends got stranded in the woods, in an area where countless before had gone missing, rumoured to be roamed by mutilated cannibals. 

Why it should be revived: This film came out pre-torture porn boom, ie. the first Saw, Hostel and all the splatter that would follow. Of course that's not to say that nothing similar had preceded it, but what this film does extraordinarily well above such predecessors is suspense. It’s palpable. And the outcome pays off big time. It’s a gorey good time with little to no thought involved. Because sometimes that’s all you ask for.

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