Gimme Five!: Non-traditional Holiday Movies

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This season has been quite the unconventional one in terms of holiday movies. Instead of stuffing November and December with cinematic coal (lame, stereotypical festive films like say Four Christmases and Deck the Halls), Hollywood gifted us an animated Brit comedy (Arthur Christmas) and a stoner Christmas cracker-upper (Harold and Kumar's 3D Christmas). To celebrate this welcome decking of the holiday cliches, we bring you our favourite non-traditional seasonal favourites.


The last thing that probably comes to your mind at Christmas time is drug dealing. But when Sarah Polley's character Ronna is struggling to make rent and an opportunity presents itself on Christmas Eve, that's just what she turns to. A messy three-part thrill-of-a-narrative (with Katie Holmes, Taye Diggs, Timothy Olyphant, Breckin Meyer and Jay Mohr) unfolds into a holiday unlike any other.


Billy Bob Throrton digs his dirty, alcoholic claws into his department store conman Claus. Also starring Lorelai Gilmore, Mini Me and Bernie Mac, this dark comedy is a rare low brow bulb in the endless string of quaint, expected Christmas way-to-lights.


Horror comedies are always on nice list and this 1983 Christmas creature feature is at the top. In addition to highlighting the holiday hijinks of a young boy and his multiplying, mean-spirited pets, this movie features one of the most harrowing Christmas monologues on film courtesy of Phoebe "That Girl in the Red Bikini from Fast Times at Ridgemont High" Cates.


Like a brand-new driedel, you just need to give this underrated kosher classic a spin. The title character (played by a sexy Adam Goldberg) is a nice Jewish boy/pimpin' street superhero set on saving Hannukah from Santa's way naughty son (Andy Dick). Trust us, you'll eat it up faster than a hot plate of latkes.


Yippee-ki-yay, motherfuckers! This action-packed Bruce Willis flick was not only the first in the successful series, but the first film to show us that just because a movie is set on Christmas Eve does not mean it has to exclude explosions and expletives.

Look out for more of our tradition-breaking faves throughout the week!

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