Gimme Five! Will Ferrell Movies That are Always on TV

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There are some comedies that are always on TV, ie. Wedding Crashers, Meet the Parents, Big Momma's House... And there are the people who always watch them, ie. me. So, in honour of one of my favourite Will Ferrell movies on TV last night and three more on today (and me watching them all), I give you my run-down of Will Ferrell movies that are always on TV (that I will always watch anyway). (By the way, the only reason Elf doesn't make the cut is because it's only on come the wintery months. Every single night.)


Everyone loves Zoolander. I feel like that's an understatement. It's got an amazing comedic cast in one of their best: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell. But what makes Ferrell stand out so much in this one is his absurd character. Overall, it's a crazy, stupid movie, but the most ridiculous role goes to Ferrell as Mugatu as an insane, temperamental fashion mogul. Oh and Milla Jovovich as his as his assistant has one of the best names ever: Katinka Ingabogovinanana.


I have no idea why I first rented this movie. It looked so bad. It played of a cheap, cheesy gimmick that I thought would be impossible to hold up laughs throughout. But it did. Two champ skaters (Ferrell and Jon Heder) get stripped of their gold medals and disqualified from men's singles competitions. So they enter as a couple. Against strangely close brother and sister duo Stranz (Will Arnett) and Fairchild (Amy Poehler). Plus, Nick Swardson has a small role in it.


This was Sacha Baron Cohen's biggest movie role to date at the time and as a huge Da Ali G Show fan, it was only obvious that I see it and tag my best friend along. I didn't care too much about Ferrell or John C. Reilly at the time, but the duo ended up being the highlight of the film. Ferrell in competition (just like in Blades of Glory) makes for a comedic force to be reckoned with.


This movie sucks. And I love it. It's so bad that it's amazing. Critics completely trashed this SNL spin-off. But to SNL fans, it can be pretty terribly awesome. The film follows the club-hopping Butabi bros (Ferrell and Chris Kattan) with their matching suits and poor taste in music in a trek through their loserdom lives. Plus, Molly Shannon plays Ferrell's love interest.


Speaking of Molly Shannon, this movie shows her at her absolute best. Sure, this is more a movie about her than Ferrell but Ferrell as her love interest could be no better fit. Her sad and hilarious obsession with him is the crux of the movie. He's a dreamy, "hunk of beefcake" and her ultimate definition of happiness. Yes, it's just ridiculous.

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