The Fille Files (January 1 - 8)

Each week, the Filles bring you some of our favourite films finds of the week—news, reviews, features, interviews, tweets, new releases, etc.—just in case you missed them.


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  • Diablo Cody, Annie Mumolo and Kristen Wiig get nominated for WGA awards (Women and Hollywood) - If this screenwriting lady love is sign of what's to come Jan. 24 (the day the Oscar noms are announced), we couldn't be happier. Cody, already a multiple major award winner for her script for Juno, has yet to falter in our minds, and Bridesmaids was one of our favourites of the year.
  • 10 movie trends that need to go (Toronto Star) - Peter Howell outlines some of the most irritating commonalities in the current cinematic climate including "chick flick" as a put down, ugly female characters who aren't really ugly and non-existant calories. The only one we can't really agree with is the board game one in which he pleads guilty to hating Clue.
  • Why do all movie tickets cost the same? (The Atlantic) - Derek Thompson figures out why we're shelling out the same amount of shekels for a blockbuster like the new Mission Impossible and low-grossing indies like Young Adult.
  • New funding opportunity for emerging female filmmakers in Ontario (Octavia Films) - This isn't so much of a read as a great link to a stepping stone for ladies looking to make their first mark in the film industry. We hope more companies follow Octavia Films' inspiring lead.


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  • The Devil Inside (in theatres) - While we hear it's totally terrible and should just stay home and rewatch House of the Devil instead, it's the first major horror movie of 2012 so we're inclined to check it out. Also, it has the same name as one of our favourite INXS songs.
  • The Innkeepers (on VOD) - Speaking of Ti West, if you're into slow-paced frighteners be sure to check out his latest, a haunted house flick set at a nearly abandoned bed and breakfast and starring Aquamarine's Sara Paxton. Emily saw it at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival in October and was mildly disappointed, but is still haunted by the final scene.
  • Shark Night (DVD) - Another Sara Paxton recent release. Don't judge us. We're still mourning Piranha 3DD's pushed back release date. And secretly love Aquamarine. Or at least its mention in Jennifer's Body.

Elizabeth Olsen of Martha Marcy May Marlene, and Mary-Kate and Ashley's immediate family, gets trapped inside her family house by what look like spirits. The film, a remake of a 2010 creeper from Uruguay, claims to have been done in one take.

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