The Fille Files (January 16 - 21)

 Each week, the Filles bring you some of our favourite films finds of the week—news, reviews, features, interviews, tweets, new releases, etc.—just in case you missed them.


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  • Shame: sex addicts reveal all (The Guardian) - A U.K. journalist talks to the real stars of Shame (sorry Michael Fassbender's boners): sex addicts. They talk about their personal experiences with the affliction and how closely the film follows and or veers from their everyday reality.
  • 'The Exorcist' and My Mother (Video Word Made Flesh) - An entirely relateable piece about parents and how they affect the choices we make in films, but not necessarily our opinions of them. Emily had an eerily similar experience with her mama and Linda Blair's blasphemous big break. Except she made her mom watch it with her (on Valentine's Day!) and ended up kind of hating it.  
  • 17 blockbusters so horrible even their creators say they sucked (Blastr) - We all know these movies sucked. Good to know the creators behind it can face up to it.
  • 10 Bizarrely Deceptive Movie Posters (IGN) - Movie posters that led to expectations that were never met. Includes a double-jawed Jaws poster.


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  • A Separation - This Iranian film has major buzz, garnering stellar reviews from critics, a Golden Globe (Best Foreign Language Film) and a spot on the Academy Awards' foreign film super short list.
  • In the Land of Blood and Honey - Angelina Jolie directs. The Bosian War stars.
  • The Divide - In this sci-fi thriller, survivors band together in an apartment basement after an apocalyptic attack, only to find danger in containment itself.


The latest from controversial American History X director, Tony Kaye. 

Adrian Brody. Bryan Cranston. Lucy Liu. Christina Hendricks. James Caan.
Marcia Gay Harden. Blythe Danner. William Peterson. TEACHERS.

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