And the Oscar Didn't Go to ... Moulin Rouge! /The Fellowship of the Ring

The Academy Awards are coming up this Sunday. While we're excited to enter multiple pools and prep themed food with our families, we're also kind of depressed about the whole thing because we're really disappointed with the nominees. (No Gosling = No Go!) And we know we'll be even more disappointed with the winners. Because, well, it's happened plenty of times before ...

THE YEAR: 2002


  • A Beautiful Mind
  • Gosford Park
  • In the Bedroom

THE WINNER: A Beautiful Mind, a story about mental illness, genius and love, based on the bestselling book.

WHY THEY (PROBABLY) DIDN'T WIN: Up against, like I said, a movie that gracefully and movingly tells a story about mental illness, genius and love, these two epics didn't have much of a fighting chance. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring received five more nominations than A Beautiful Mind (which had eight, the same as Moulin Rouge!), and would take home four (the same as A Beautiful Mind, Moulin Rouge! won two), however, in lesser recognized categories, ie., A Beautiful Mind won for Picture, Director, Supporting Actress and Adapted Screenplay, while FotR and Moulin Rouge! brought back awards for sound and visuals.

Though why'd it all go down that way? Moulin Rouge! would've been a bold choice, in all its glittery song and dance. With FotR, the series was bound to get more dramatic and presumably even more impressive as it went along (and it did!), so why not save the award for the last installment (and they did)?

WHY THEY SHOULD HAVE: These are two of my most favourite movies ever, and maybe for the reason that they're two of the most epic movies. They're both insanely dramatic, gorgeously composed and styled and beautifully written. Moulin Rouge! perfectly tied up Baz Luhrmann's Red Curtain Trilogy (what great name) with one of the most heart-breaking love stories, punctuated by an amazing soundtrack, stunning sets and charming direction. Meanwhile, FotR (still my favourite of the trilogy) introduced Tolkien fans to an annual tradition worth counting down to (which returns this year with The Hobbit), leading with a killer intro before delving into a magical, moving story with storylines of love, friendship, courage and loyalty.

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