Gimme Five: Ancient Myths

Wrath of the Titans comes out this week and I couldn't care less. Actually, I could, except that I want to save everyone from watching the sequel of one of 2010's biggest let downs. But if you're still looking for that ancient mythical epic or drama (or, uh, animated family flick), I've got a few suggested rentals instead.

5) Hercules

OK, so it's Disney, but if you (like me) have a soft spot for children's animated movies and you haven't seen this one yet, you should. It's cute and charming, not to mention also has a pretty good soundtrack. (Side note: Why isn't this called Heracles?)

4) O Brother, Where Art Thou?

This is one of those movies that you either get or you don't. In this case, it's reliant on whether or not you're familiar with Homer's Odyssey. On the bright side, even if you don't get but you're a Coen brother fan, you'll still love it for it's quirky humour and style (ie. that indefinable Coen-ness).

3) Thor

Here's where things get epic. Though this is based on the comics, which is based on the Norse god, and isn't truly mythological, it was part of a recent string of really amazing Marvel movies (the next month, X-Men: First Class, followed by Captain America: The First Avenger). If it's any indication, the seemingly over-hyped Avengers will actually be all it appears to be.

2) Troy

It took me too long to get around to seeing this movie but it became an instant favourite once I finally got to it. Based on Homer's Illiad, it's stunning, dramatic and gripping. If you haven't seen this movie, consider yourself lucky that you're still yet to experience it's brilliant epicness for the first time.

1) 300

Though more historical exaggerated to mythical proportions, this movie is as epic as epic gets. It's brutal, hyperbolic, gorgeous and tragic. It's been quoted and parodied beyond measure. It's everything you want in an ancient war epic. And even if you've already seen it, a re-watch is always warranted.

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