Gimme Five! Bunnies!

It`s Easter Sunday ... yet another holiday where it`s totally permissible to down buckets of cheap chocolate and watch movies (The Ten Commandments, anyone?) in your PJs all day! That is, if the Easter Bunny visits you and brings you said Dollarama sweets.
To celebrate this festive, floppy-eared occasion, we present our favourite big screen bunnies.
(Sadly, due to the fact that she is actually a human, Anna Faris `House Bunny did not make the cut ... )

5) Bugs Bunny, Space Jam

Bugs Bunny said "What's up, Doc?" to the '90s in this kids flick, which playfully mixes live-action and animated to unite the Looney Tunes with Michael Jordan for the best basketball face-off in cinematic history. Even though he stars alongside the likes of Jordan and Bill Murray, Bugs steals the show, not to mention the heart of sexy lady rabbit, Lola.

4) The Rabbit of Caerbannog, Monty Python and the Holy Grail

King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table get up close and personal with this fur-ocious little guy while on their search for the elusive holy grail. At first, they are hardly intimidated by him, assuming he's your typical cuddly critter. Then he decapitates one of them in under two seconds.

3) Harvey, Harvey

Harvey is Elwood's (Jimmy Stewart) best friend in the world. And okay, he happens to be a giant, invisible bunny. But that doesn't mean he's not real, right? Or that Elwood should be locked up in a looney bin?

2) Roger Rabbit, Who Framed Roger Rabbit

After this poor 'toon is framed for killing the man caught playing patty cake with his lover, Jessica Rabbit, he enlists the help of toon-hating detective, Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins). What follows is a marvelously mad cap real-life cartoon adventure, with Roger, his hare-brained physical comedy skills, his stylin' suspenders and his dance craze-inspiring moves at the helm.  

1) Frank, Donnie Darko

Is he a man? Or he is a six-foot demonic rabbit out to manipulate a troubled teenager (Jake Gyllenhaal as Donnie) into orchestrating a grand time-travelling plot? You've got to watch this mind-bending Richard Kelly film to find out. Or, if you're frightened by the above photo, the video below.

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