Forgotten Frights II: The Hills Have Eyes 2

Forgotten Frights is back! To celebrate the second anniversary of our annual horror movie roundup, every weekday for the next month we're going to sound off on a scary good sequel (or, if we want some cheese with our corn syrup, a schlocky second), ruminating on the returns of our favourite monsters, murderers, heroes (or heroines), creepies, crawlies, chills and thrills.

What came before it: A not-too-shabby remake of one of the films that helped give Wes Craven a name. A family on a road trip gets lost and stranded in the desert, only to be slaughtered by mutants living hidden in the surrounding hills.

What remains: The story implicitly picks up where the first left off with the army investigating the massacre site. Wes Craven penned the new story (completely different from his original 1985 sequel) with an all-new cast (though he had hoped to keep Emilie de Ravin's character, she was busy with the best TV on earth, Lost).

Why you should give it a second (or third, or fourth) chance:
  • It's unintentionally splatstick (slapstick plus gore). Of course, the gore is intentional but every kill is also ridiculously slapstick.
  • Devendra Banhart's "Insect Eyes" accompanying the teaser trailer. Without Banhart? Not bad trailer. With Banhart? Put me down for two tickets, please.
  • The porta-potty scene. "There's a hand in the shitter!" Yes, a groping hand.
  • Lee Thompson Young. You know, Jett Jackson? From Disney's The Famous Jett Jackson? The kid who was a celebrity for playing a secret agent on TV? No? Alright.
  • And the award for best camouflage goes to the creepy mutant who's so scaly he blends into the rocks.
  • The dude who looks inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas' Dr. Finklestein. Compare:
  • Terrible, terrible lines, which I both love and hate.
  • Finally, when one hears of a Wes Craven horror movie, one must watch said movie.

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