The Cinefilles get schooled!

It's that time of the year, kiddies. Time to hide your flip-flops and whip out your colour-coated folders. Time to trade your sunnies for school board spectacles. Time to drop the Popsicles and invest in ball-point pens. Time to go back to school - again!

But never fear summer lovers - the Cinefilles are here and ready to help you soothe your book-bag blues! In place of our columns this week we'll be giving you a peek at our favourite school-themed flicks. We'll cover the classics. We'll introduce to the unknowns. And we'll even bring out some brilliantly bad apples. All in an effort to help you get past the first week of class.

First up, we've got a tribute to the Terribly Awesome! side of post-secondary education. Come back after the lunch bell for the ultimate camp-us tour!

1 comment:

  1. this theme has made my week so much better. also, please bring on the brilliantly bad apples. can't wait!