Emily's Top 5 of Summer '10

When you think summer, you probably think sun, sand, shorts and Sandy and Danny doing falsetto in the quad (well, maybe not the last one). When I think summer, I think great movies. When it's too hot to even think about being outside (or even when it's not), there's nothing better than grabbing a ice-cold Coke, a few like-minded friends and a light cardi (A necessity nowadays thanks to Cineplex's ridic AC settings) and plopping down for a two-hour cinematic vacay. And this past summer has given us some instant classics, at least on a totally guilt-free This-is-So-Freakin'-Entertaining level.

5) Piranha 3D 

Yes, yes. It's ridiculous. But in the most perfect way possible. I don't know about you, but I think every summer needs movies like this. We usually have to sit through movies that are unintentionally campy and emotionless during the hot-ass holiday season, but it's rare to find one that is overtly conscious of the fabulous frivolity. Or that features a feral fish eating and regurgitating a runaway peen.  Piranha 3D may not be Oscar-worthy, but it was the most fun I've had at the movies all summer. And I'm not the only one who thinks so - it's got a 74% rating on Rotten Tomatoes! Here's hoping Machete amps up the excitement for the terribly awesome trend and makes Hollywood realize that crass acts aren't so bad after all. In fact, they're delicious.

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4) The Other Guys

A few months back, I was sure I was going to guffaw my way through Summer 10'.  There seemed to be some really cool, indie comedies coming out (Cyrus, The Kids Are All Right) and well, that new Adam Sandler flick (I don't even dare speak it's name now). Unfortunately, none of those seemingly-destined-for-major-post-popcorn-quotage fllicks really managed to tickle my funny bone. So when The Other Guys came out, I assumed the worst, anticipating the awful aftertaste of recycled comedic cheese. I was SO wrong. Dirk Diggler + Ron Burgundy = the funniest movie of the summer, hell, maybe even the year.

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3) Inception 

Although I usually bow down to low-brow flicks during beach season, I also make a point to find at least one thought-provoking drama. Usually that requires several trips to a seriously-out-of-the-way rep cinema and a majorly open mind. But this year, I just had to drive to the closest Cineplex.  Two years after giving us the brilliant Batman sequel, The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan brought us the perfect summer thinker's movie - Inception.  With it's wickedly in-depth script, way-too-real special effects and award-bait cast (Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Caine, Marion Coittilard, Ellen Page), Inception blew every pretentious art house movie out of the water, making me, and billions of others, question their sense of blockbusters, gravity and personal reality. I mean, am I really writing this right now? Or am I knee-deep in subconscious sabotage? LEO!?

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2) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 

Inception may have changed the way I think about reality, but Scott Pilgrim vs. the World did something even cooler - it changed the way I see movies. I may never be able to enjoy a movie again without overhead onomatopoeias explaining every karate chop, head bang and phone call. Or a pee bar regulating the main character's bathroom break. Or 3D hearts flowing out from under a stolen kiss. Or a famous laugh track randomly interrupting a seemingly unfunny conversation.There are just so many things about Scott Pilgrim we've never seen on-screen before, which is way too uncommon these days. The ads claim it's an "epic of epic epicness" and I couldn't agree more. Make you see it before it becomes too cult cool for you.

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1) Toy Story 3

A perfect ending to a perfect series. Two words: Spanish Buzz.

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