Freaky Fortnight!: Ginger Snaps

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THE GIST: Brigitte (Emily Perkins) and Ginger (Katharine Isabelle) are sisters and BFFs. They're also major social outcasts who are more than little obsessed with death. That all changes for a pubescent Ginger when she gets mauled by an unidentified beast one night and slowly starts undergoing changes: shaper teeth, furrier chest and a growing tail. With her side effects hidden, she's also become the girl all the guys want at school, neglecting her best bud sis. But when things start getting hairier, Brigitte is the only one hunting for a cure.

TRICK OR TREAT: Trick. It's just so dark and sinister, not to mention gory. It's rated R for a very good (and enjoyable) reason.

WHY IT GETS US IN THE SPIRIT: Films like these are the incarnations of ghost stories and freaky fables we like to tell to really scary each other on Halloween night. In the context of all-too-familiar adolescence, Ginger Snaps gives us a realistic take on a horror myth.

SCENE TO DIE FOR: The opening slideshow, where the sisters have taken photos of each other in bizarre, posed, fake deaths. It's the strangest, creepiest take on death-meets-art, yet it's so brilliant. You kind of wish you were their best buds - but fear them at the same time.

BEST COSTUME: The beast, except it's more like most hilarious prop. The few quick shots we get of the beast show him off to be nothing more than stationery, fake dog with plastic eyes.

SUGGESTED SWEET: Snack-sized Coffee Crisp, because it's all Canadian,. But even without the caffeine buzz you'll still want to stay up all night watching this film.

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