Freaky Fortnight: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

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THE GIST: Years ago, two twin sisters named Agatha and Sophia (Cloris Leachman, in both roles) sought out what they thought was a magical moonstone. Agatha found it and, after growing up and becoming jealous of her Sophia's blossoming love life, used it to torture and trap her sister in a mirror for eternity. Many Halloweens later, Agatha and Sophia's great-nieces, Kelly and Lynn (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) skip out on trick or treating and set out to free Sofia - and help their parents (one of which is Eric McCormack!) get out of debt (as if you didn't know they were wholly wholesome)  - with the help of a very special wand, an overly pale grave digger, a clown and a hobo named Mr. N. Seriously.  

TRICK OR TREAT?: Treat and a half. Well,  once you get past the fact that the twins'  become BFFs with the most uncomfortably friendly grown men in the world. But really, the scariest part of this badly bewitching TV movie is the recession-themed subplot. I mean, if MK and A couldn't escape it in the Full House years, how will anyone of us?

WHY IT GETS US IN THE SPIRIT: It's like free chocolate for old school MK and A fans like us,  guaranteed to take you back to the days when Mary-Kate's only vices were too-short bangs and non-nose candy. But even if didn't RSVP'd to every one of the Olsen's straight-to-DVD theme parties (how rude!), this flick, which takes it title from a line in the Scottish Shakespeare play (!), will definitely make you feel that first-candy-of-the-night pre-teen sugar rush.  It's just too sweet to resist.

: When Kelly, Lynn and Mama Farmer make Sophia's favourite cookies - cinnamon. Just try not to salivate when you see them get dished out, right from the oven.. Also awesome: the endless twin-themed puns, the awkwardly precocious banter between MK and A, which includes a whole lot of obvious references to Wayne's World and Sally Jesse Raphael.

BEST COSTUME:  Anything but Roland's - er, Oscar's - clown ensemble. Sorry, but those big red noses give us the creeps. And with good reason!

Twix - the troublesomely delicious doubles of the chocolate bar world.

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