Freaky Fortnight!: Hocus Pocus

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THE GIST: A Halloween-hating virgin named Max (Omri Katz) summons the long-dead Sanderson Sisters, three charming, children-eating witches (Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy), by lighting a Black Flame candle on Halloween night in Salem, Massachusetts. While he attempts to protect his town and his sister (a super-young Thora Birch!) from the terribly awesome trio, their eye-mazing "booooook" and their truly mystical singing (more on that below), Max meets up with the girl of his dreams, the mute of his nightmares and the coolest human-turned-cat ever (sorry, Salem).

TRICK OR TREAT?: Total treat! Two words: It's Disney. Three more words: It's Bette Midler.

WHY IT GETS US IN THE SPIRIT: Hocus Pocus is everything that you wanted Halloween to be when you were an angsty almost-too-old-for-trick-or-treating pre-teen. It's a little bit out-of-control, a little bit traditional and a whole lot of purposefully PG fun. And did we mention it stars Bette Midler?

SCENE TO DIE FOR: When the Sanderson sisters crash the big adult costume party and work their magic on the town parents with a rousing rendition of "I Put a Spell on You." Obviously.

BEST COSTUME: Max's "rapper" costume - which consists of a baseball hat, sunglasses and a surly, parents-just-don't-understand 'tude. The only thing cooler? I-C-E.

SUGGESTED SWEET: Homemade caramel apples. Like this perfectly over-the-top family All Hallow's Eve fantasy, they're deliciously bad for you and totally wholesome - at the same time.

Freaky Fortnight continues tomorrow with another mildly creeptastic festive classic!

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