12 Days of Festive Faves: To Grandmother's House We Go

To Grandmother's House We Go (1992)

THE GIST: Two twin girls Sarah (Mary-Kate Olsen) and Julie (Ashley) - decide to run away from home and bike to Grandma's after they hear their single mama call them a "handful." But as they soon figure out, hitchhiking isn't easy -  and Granny isn't quite as close as they thought. So they enlist some help from a sorta-friendly delivery dude. But then his truck gets stolen by a pair of old-age bandits (Rhea Perlman and Jerry Van Dyke), who decide to put the girls up for ransom! It's basically "Green and Red Riding Hoods". Without all the weird gender-confused wolf stuff. And with a whole lot more neon pants.

NAUGHTY OR NICE?: Way nice. I mean, it's an early MK and A movie. Not one of Mary-Kate's current indie pet projects (where make-outs with middle-aged knights are a must). And it was made for TV.

: It might not have the same effect on older generations - but for anyone who grew up with the Olsens, it's an awesome reminder of our earliest Christmases -  when neon pastel snowsuits were THE COOLEST (or is was it the hottest?), scrunchies were WAY en vogue and Full House was everywhere you looked - and you liked it. (See next item!)

MAGIC MOMENT: Danny Tanner and Aunt Becky make cameos. Need I say more?

SANTA SIGHTING!: Unless you count the bandits - who creepily claim to be "Santa's Elves." EWW.

: Any song from THIS.

PERFECT PRESENT FOR: The 90s kid in your fam. If you can find it on DVD!

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