Forgotten Frights, Oct. 22: I Sell the Dead


Section of the cinematic cemetery: Zombie horror meets illegal crime thriller

Cause of (premature) death: Its a low-budget black comedy horror thats only grossed... (wait for it)... $8,050 in its entire theatre run in the U.S. It ran at 17 international film fests (including Toronto After Dark) before its theatre run then came out a year later on DVD. But its next to impossible to track down for rental. (But buying it isn’t a bad idea at all.)

What its tombstone would read: Two grave robbers turned zombie traffickers got framed for murder. Zombie traffickers, you ask? When the dead-body snatching business got cold, they turned to capturing the undead (and various other supernatural creatures) for sale.

Why it should be revived: If it’s not already clear, its unlike anything you've ever seen. Its part zombie movie, part crime horror and part black comedy. Its beautifully stylized; its dark, detailed and creepy. Its silly and slapstick, bordering on over-the-top if not for the actors who fully commit and make it convincing. The score is fittingly a combination of whimsical and creepy (think The Addams Family meets The Nightmare Before Christmas). But this film definitely isnt for everyone. Its only for the slightly offbeat horror fanatics. (So in other words, all of you who are just like us.)

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