The Filles Files (October 15-21)

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Photo: David Moir/The Weinstein Company
  • Playing promiscuous is no easy role for Hollywood's leading ladies (The Grid TO) - Martin Morrow ponders why leading women have rarely been allowed to pull off the promiscuous role without actually being the good girl in the end, and how the release of Dirty Girl is challenging that.
  • Jason Reitman gathers Jennifer Garner, Aaron Paul and more for star-studded reading of The Breakfast Club (EW) - Some lucky bastards in LA got to see John Hughes best movie the way the coolest semi-Canadian director would have wanted to see itwith Jennifer Garner taking on Molly Ringwalds Claire, Dawson Leery (er, James Van Der Beek) playing Andy (Emilio Estevez) and Breaking Bads Aaron Paul apparently topping Judd Nelson as the scary-sexy John Bender. Wed take detention every Saturday from now on to have seen that go down.
  • Criticism as old as criticism itself (Toronto Star) - Film critic Peter Howell analyzes Pauline Kaels 1980s assertion that rotten pictures are making money, in light of this weeks blockbuster-style crop (Paranormal Activity 3, a new Johnny English movie, The Three Musketeers 3D), arguing that while there are always bad just-for-the-money movies, there are plenty of good ones too.
  • Rooney Mara: Playing with Fire (Vogue) - This indepth profile of the actress who has been chosen to be Lisbeth Salander in the David Finchers American adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, discusses the double standards modern actresses have to face, explaining why Scarlett Johannson didnt get the role (Fincher says she was too sexy) and that controversial poster.
    Photo: allmoviephoto.com
  • Paranormal Actvity 3 - The third instalment in the home video demonic horror series couldnt be more lame than the second (Flying babies! Doors flying open!) could it? All we know is the original literally kept us up the night we saw it, so if this has any hint of that films scariness, were bound to be pleasantly creeped to the core.
  • Dirty Girl - Have you read Martin Morrows Grid TO piece above yet?

As if we werent already sold on this perfectly-titled sure-to-be instant classic, here’s the first teaser trailer, complete with a Hoff cameo and what looks like Ving Rhames doing his best Cherry Darling impression.

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  1. My friend went to the Breakfast Club thing, said it was amazing! I am suitably jealous.

    Paranormal Activity 3 is ok. I liked it better than the 1st & 2nd but I'm not really a fan of the series so I don't know if that really means much.