The Fille Files (November 5-12)

Each week, the Filles bring you some of our favourite films finds of the week—news, reviews, features, interviews, tweets, new releases, etc.—just in case you missed them.

    • Thirteen movie poster trends that are here to stay and what they say about their movies (ONTD) - This hilariously awesome, but somewhat disheartening blog item will blow your mind as it collects a bunch of collages that showcase the insane unoriginality in modern movie posters. Categories of promotional poster cliches include "Back to Back," "Nature is Blue" and "Tiny People on Beach, Giant Heads in the Clouds."
    • A surprise screening of 'The Muppets' disorients a film festival crowd psyched for ennui (Vulture) - Some lucky, ungrateful bastards at the Savannah Film Festival got treated to the World Premiere of the new, Jason Segel-filled Muppet movie this week after the head of the fest chose it to be his "Director's Choice." Instead of getting into the punny, musical comedy pun, the critics, who went in with only the promise of a "highly anticipated film," got all pissed off and pretentious. We'd like to sick Miss Piggy on 'em.
    • Scorsese rousingly endorses 3-D, says holograms next (The Envelope) The famed, bespectacled director of such brutally raw movies like Taxi Driver and Goodfellas seems to want to embrace his inner kid these days. First he makes Hugo and then, while promoting the family-friendly film, talks up the merits of 3D.
    • 'Boogie Nights': Dirty '70s (Clothes on Film) - This fashion-in-film blog talked to Boogie Nights costume designer, Mark Bridges, about how he crafted the superfly period costumes for the Paul Thomas Anderson film. You know you want to know where he got Dirk's imported leather goods. (And eww no, we're not talking about Mark's faux thirteen-inch peen.)
    • 5 great Billy Crystal Oscar moments from the past (Cinema Blend) - Although we agree with author Eric Eisenberg, and think the Muppets would have been an inspired replacement for Eddie Murphy, watching old videos of Crystal doing his effortless thing on the Kodak stage makes us realize that he really is a great choice.

    • J. Edgar - Clint Eastwood directs Leo DiCaprio in this J. Edgar Hoover biopic, the first major Oscar buzzy movie of the pre-holiday season.
    • Melancholia - Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard, really) attempt to cope with the end of the world in the new Lars von Trier (Antichrist) offering, which has been dividing critics since its Cannes debut last year.
    • Immortals - Because sometimes we just like a good ancient war epic. Plus, it's from the director of The Cell and producers of 300.
    TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Snow White and the Huntsmen 

    The first of next year's Snow White adaptation looks nothing like the Disney stuff, trading in Snow White's infamous red, blue and yellow dress for a suit of armour straight out of Joan of Arc's closet and making Charlize Thereon the Queen.

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