Freaky Fortnight!: Ernest Scared Stupid

Ernest Scared Stupid (1991)

THE GIST: Some odd years ago in the 19th century, a troll named Trantor terrorizes children, turning them into wooden dolls. As soon as he has five wooden children, he'd have the power to bring more trolls into the world. But just as he captures his fourth child, townspeople, led by Phineas Worrell (Jim Varney), put an end to the troll's hunt, burying him under an oak tree, only to be released by kin of Phineas may years later. Now in present day, Ernest P. Worrell (Jim Varney) unwittingly--as always--lets Trantor loose again, allowing him to return to his hunt for five children. It's up to Ernest to put an end to it before Trantor reaches his victim tally.

TRICK OR TREAT?: Treat. Unless you're scared of animatronic, slime-faced trolls.

WHY IT GETS US IN THE SPIRIT: Ernest Scared Stupid brings out the silly in Halloween. It reminds us that the night isn't just about snagging bags of goodies, but it's also about cheap pranks and cheesy costumes. Bring on the plastic spiders and oh-so-realistic paper masks.

SCENE TO DIE FOR: As in most Ernest films, dorky montage of characters is most memorable. This time, Ernest gives his insanely illogical account of the battle of Botswana versus Ottoman, complete with Auntie Nelda, Bunny Worrell, an Ottoman and a string of others, complete with ridiculous accents and garb.

BEST COSTUME: Bunny Worrell, who in the midst of the Botswana-Ottoman account is concerned with drapes and the odor of fish in the air. (Although if you'd have a real case if you said it was Auntie Nelda.)

SUGGESTED SWEET: Double Bubble, because even when it's weeks stale and hard you'll still want that bubble gum taste, just like you'll bear the excess insanity of this film for the laughs. Plus, it comes with a goofy little comic.

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